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We are the leading Supplier of Teral Make Ring Blowers in GCC .The ring blower itself incorporates a very effective silencer, however it may be necessary to further reduce noise at the ends of the piping. In such cases, use with the pipe silencer fitted either inside or at the end of the piping.
Pressure High Pressure
Blower Type Ring Blower
Power Source Electric Blower
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Brand Teral
I Deal In New Only

Creating the future with water and airThe source of power is in the stream of water, wind, and people

Stream solutions supporting comfortable life and efficient production activities.
Everyday, people are unaware of the contact they make with water and air, which are indispensable to every life on earth.

By controlling water and air in business and in our home life, human production has accelerated and safer and more comfort has been created.

Since our foundation in 1918, we, TERAL, have developed pumps, fans, and other diverse products that operate streams of water and air.

These products play an active role in our daily life and in all areas of human production activity. Also, what TERAL pursues is not limited to the comfort of life and efficiency of industry.

With the increasing concern for the global environment, we have embarked on the development of clean systems to clean up the environment by utilizing our water and air control technologies developed over many years, while creating products with less environmental load. Today, we are expanding a new group brand “TERAL” in which our domestic and overseas affiliates are united.

We are undergoing a rebirth as a solution provider that provides products and systems that optimize individual customer needs through the total capability of each group company’s area of expertise. We look to continue to meet your expectations of the TERAL group “creating the future with water and air.”

Credibility and results backed up by 100 years or more of history.

We have constructed an integrated responsible system from design and development to production, sales, and support of products.

We realize speedy product development in which customer needs are reflected. Also, if it is difficult to apply existing products in size, shape, specification, etc., we flexibly respond to customization to deliver optimum products to customers. Flexibly responding to needs for customization

As a result of meeting various customer needs, we provide a wide selection from small equipment to large equipment.

Also, our product lineup offers not only single products but also a large number of unit products with space savings and maintainability enhanced by combining various members and components. In particular, our water supply, filtration, and fire pump unit products are highly valued.

Enhanced product lineup offering discrete products through to unit products. TERAL was founded in 1918. Since then, we have developed a wide variety of products for household use through large-scale plants as a manufacturer specializing in pumps and fans.

We have also always pursued product development and extensive service from the customer’s perspective, which are highly valued by our many customers.

Our results demonstrated by 100 years or more of history represent our credibility and safety.

Teral Ring Blower

Ring blower/ Side Channel Blower

Most standard centrifugal type blowers impart energy to incoming air by simply hurling it outward from a central point. And operate on a regenerative principle that provides much higher pressure and vacuum. In these devices, air enters through an inlet port and is accelerated by the impeller. Through centrifugal force, this air is thrown against the walls of casing where it is reflected back to the base of the impeller blades. The process is repeated many times during each revolution of impeller and constantly compounds the energy and acceleration imparted to incoming air. The overall effect is not unlike that obtained in multi-stage devices. However , in the case of the centrifugal blower, the increased output is due to many regenerative cycles that take place during each revolution of the impeller . To meet specific requirements, many combinations of these blowers are possible.
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