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Viper Wire Rope Lubricators

Clean and lubricate wire ropes quickly, efficiently, and safely with the Viper MKII series of wire rope lubricators. Viper Wire Rope Lubricators are now available in three sizes,
Maxi MkII, Mid MkII and Mini MkII. The "New" Mk II Collars are the heart of the Viper WRL systems. Constructed from high grade, cast aluminium with a robust protective coating.
The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator is available in three sizes;

Viper Maxi MKII

Fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes with a diameter between 50mm to 165mm.

The Viper MKII Maxi lubricates ropes at up to 1000mt/hour.

Recommended for use with ROV Cables, Vessel Crane Ropes, Underwater Offshore Wire Ropes and Drag Lines.

Viper Mid MKII

Fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes with a diameter between 8mm to 67mm.

The Viper Mid MKII lubricates ropes at up to 2000mt/hour.

Recommended for use with Wharf Cranes, Ship Cranes, ROV Cables, Mind Winders, Mobile Cranes, Oil & Gas Platforms, Anchor Ropes, Deck Winches, Overhead Cranes and Ship Loaders.

Viper Mini MKII

Fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes with a diameter between 6mm to36mm.

The Viper MKII Mini lubricates ropes at up to 1000mt/hour.

The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator provides grease penetration, moisture displacement and total coverage by forcing lubricant into the core of the rope.

Features & Benefits

Single Pass Wire Rope Lubrication – Simplifies and speeds up the rope lubricating process

Eliminates Manual Greasing – Safer for staff, reduced lubricant usage, less leakage & mess

High Pressure / High Flow Grease Pump Provides grease penetration, displaces moisture from rope core / total coverage, even for large ropes

Fast & Efficient Rope Lubrication – Reduced downtime associated with rope lubrication which improves equipment availability. Speeds up to 1,000mt/hour

Able to lubricate all major rope sizes –

Viper Maxi Mk II can lubricate rope sizes 50mm ( 2″ ) to 165mm ( 6-1/2″) in diameter

Viper Mid Mk II can lubricate rope sizes 8mm (5/16") to 67mm (2-5/8") in diameter

Viper Mini Mk II lubricates ropes from 6mm (15/64") to 36mm (1 13/32") in diameter.


Marine - mooring and anchor lines, deck winches, wharf cranes, ROV umbilicals, submarine wire ropes, diving boats, goods cranes.

Industrial - overhead cranes, mobile cranes, NDT inspection services, mining winder ropes, hoist ropes, wire rope manufacturers.

Markets: Marine, Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial.

Viper Wire Rope Lubricator has a global distribution network with trained consultants to assist you
What is the Viper MK II Wire Rope Lubricator?
A tool to provide fast and effective cleaning and lubricating of wire ropes. Wire ropes from 6mm to 165mm in diameter can be greased at speeds up to 2,000 meters per hour.

High strength cast aluminium collars are lightweight and along with carry handles ensure that the Viper WRL is easy for you to install as well as operate.
Financial benefits of using the VIPER WRL
Increases the life of wire rope assets by up to 300% versus manual lubrication methods

Reduces re-lubrication times of wire ropes from several days to several hours compared to manual lubrication
Health, safety & environmental benefits of the Viper WRL
All grease applied goes on the wire rope

Does not leak grease, meaning no mess

No wasted lubricant

Lightweight allows for safe & efficient application

No direct human contact with the lubricant

Wire ropes can be lubricated from a safe distance
Key components of the VIPER WRL
Viper Seals

Viper Scrapers

Viper Rope Cleaners
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